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About The Growth & Resiliency Model©

The Growth & Resiliency Model© was created and copyrighted in 2021 by Simply Bee CEO Audrey Grunst, LCSW. It is the foundation of the work we do here. This comprehensive five-step model is designed to fuse theory, skill, and knowledge into people's understanding of their personal growth and emotional development. 

The theory behind this model is that a growth mindset occurs when you are aware of your internal world, can observe it without judgment, know how to respond instead of react, and can integrate all of that information into the external world effectively. The final step is to reflect on the process, celebrate what went well and learn from what didn't. Through the use of this model, we believe you can learn to intuitively overcome life's daily challenges and appreciate them as opportunities for positive change.

Counseling Services


We are a group private counseling practice with a team of expert therapists who see clients ages 5+ for anxiety, mood disorders, OCD, eating disorders, depression, LGBTQ+, trauma, self-harm, school refusal, and more. 

Community Impact


We believe that mental health happens outside of the four walls of our office. Our community efforts  raise awareness and provide support through events such as informational booths, partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

Social Emotional Learning Programs


The well-being of students, educators, and parents is imperative to the strength of the community. Our SEL programs and curriculum are designed to teach each of these groups strategies and skills to leverage both inside and outside of the classroom.

Sports Performance Programs


The mental health of athletes has been increasingly spotlighted at all levels of the game. Our sports performance experts provide programs, workshops and resources to athletes, coaches, and parents with a focus on the whole athlete and family system. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs


Organizations who embrace DEI as a central part of their culture create an emotionally safe space for increased resilience and productivity. We provide workshops and programs to help schools, organizations and leaders learn how to take productive action to ensure that all members feel valued.

Personal Growth Planner Series

5 Steps | 5 Planners | 5 Months

The Bee You Planner Series is designed to help you grow in a systematic and intuitive way – all in just 5 minutes a day. Based on the Growth & Resiliency Model©, each planner includes expert insight from author Audrey Grunst, LCSW as well as 30 days of journaling to practice the skills and strategies found in each step. Each planner builds upon the previous ones to move readers towards lifelong growth. Personal growth isn’t a quick process, but this series is designed to make it easy and fun!

Well, Not Perfect Podcast

Hosted by Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Our biggest lessons in life come from imperfect moments. That is why “well, not perfect” is an honest yet encouraging phrase often heard inside Audrey Grunst's therapy practice, Simply Bee. Everyday we face messy, difficult and real life problems and striving for growth rather than perfection is the healthiest mindset to have.

On this podcast, you will hear experts share their personal and professional experiences that aim to inspire and humble listeners to examine their own mindset through a therapeutic lens that only a mental health expert can offer. 

Join us and learn how our guests are breaking stigmas, raising awareness, providing support—and overall taking action to make this world a more mental health inclusive place, despite the process being…well, not perfect.

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