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SEL Programs

We deliver social, emotional & mental health programs and resources to students, parents and educators. Our goal is to provide tangible skills that support increased wellness in both academic and personal settings.
Instructional Training Programs

About The Growth & Resiliency Model©

The Growth & Resiliency Model© was created and copyrighted in 2021 by Simply Bee CEO Audrey Grunst, LCSW. It is the foundation of the work we do with educators, students and parents. This comprehensive five-step model is designed to fuse theory, skill, and knowledge into people's understanding of their personal growth and emotional development. Through this model, we provide school communities with a toolbox of strategies and skills to create a growth-oriented environment both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The theory behind this model is that a growth mindset occurs when you are aware of your internal world, can observe it without judgment, know how to respond instead of react, and can integrate all that information into the external world effectively. The final step is to reflect on the process, celebrate what went well and learn from what didn't. Through the use of this model, we believe you can learn to intuitively overcome life's daily challenges–both inside and outside of the classroom, while appreciating them as opportunities for positive change.

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What We Solve

Mental health is a growing need in the field of education. Educators, students and parents are reporting higher levels of burnout, anxiety, depression, worry, fear, panic and isolation – all of which contribute to both lower mental health and academic outcomes.

Fortunately, there are more and more open conversations between educators, administrators, families and licensed professionals to help provide the necessary skills and strategies to build resilience. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of education and the increasing demands being placed on educators, parents and students, it is crucial to equip them with applicable knowledge and coping skills.

What We Achieve

Mental and emotional wellness is essential to achieving success – whether academically, professionally or personally. The partnership between schools, the community and Simply Bee is an opportunity to train, support and coach people to simply bee-come the best versions of themselves both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Our goal is to provide realistic, turn-key information that aids in reducing feelings of overwhelm and increasing the ability to cope during challenging times. Ultimately, we strive to empower all members of the school system to lead with a growth mindset and create a culture of resilience.

Instructional Training Programs

In this pressure cooker society, it’s ever-so-important to learn practical, efficient and generalizable skills from mental health experts who know first-hand what it means to be in a high stakes position. The partnership between schools and Simply Bee is an opportunity to train, support and coach students, educators and families to simply bee-come the best versions of themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.

2023-24 SEL Catalog

Supplemental SEL Programs For Students

  • Become Aware of The Big 4 Student Workshops
  • SEL Classroom-Based Curriculum

PD Workshops For Educators

  • Growing A Resilient Mind: Keynote Workshop
  • Growth & Resiliency Model Series: 3 Part Series©
  • Self-Care & Stress Management 

Workshops For Parents & Families

  • Growing A Resilient Mind: Parent Edition
  • Self-Care & Stress Management For Busy Families
  • Stop The Guilt: A Guide For Parents To Lead With Love & Boundaries 
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If you would like additional details on booking a custom presentation or have questions on pricing and/or availability for our team, please schedule a brief call with our Director Of Operations & Communications, Kate Kelley, MSW, and she will be happy to help!

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Meet The Experts

Meet Audrey

Audrey Grunst, LCSW, is the CEO and a therapist at Simply Bee. Over the past several years, she has partnered with schools and districts across Illinois to provide supplemental Social Emotional Learning (SEL) support for students and parents, as well as personal wellness programs and professional development workshops impacting the lives of thousands of educators.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is the Executive Clinical Director at Simply Bee. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor. Throughout her almost 15 years in the field, Jennifer has had a passion for working with adolescents and adults. Furthermore, she works closely with parents around coaching and supporting their loved ones during times of transition and struggle.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Bersh, E-RYT has a passion for wellness that is grounded in the practice of yoga but also utilizes breathing exercises and energy work as tools to help clients access relaxation, stress reduction, emotional release and physical blockages. She guides clients toward finding safety in their body and connect to their breath and mind in order to improve their overall well-being.

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Space Is Limited!

We are now booking into the Fall 2024-2025 school year.

Contact our Director Of Operations & Communications, Kate Kelley to book a date today.

Thank you for everything you do for the children in our communities!

We can all remember that one teacher who made an impact in our life. The one who set us on a whole new trajectory. That teacher who believed in us and empowered us to aim high and dream big. We created these workshops for them.

We ask so much of our educators. They are the backbone of our country; shaping young minds and doing it selflessly without missing a beat. We are here to do our part and give back and to help our educators fill their cups first - - for once in their life! We hope you see the value in our programs and invite you to connect with us to learn more. 

Learn From Our Experts

Values Exercise

This activity and tutorial video is one of our most requested resources at Simply Bee. You will get an opportunity to establish your core values and learn the importance of using them to guide you through your life.

Watch Here

Wellness Wheel Activity

Did you know that your wellness is comprised of 8 components? This activity and assessment is designed to help you explore the many elements that make up your holistic wellness picture. The goal is to help you identify areas of strength and areas that may need adjustments.

View Here

Happy Holistic Educator E-Book - $9.00

A 56-page resource for educators who are looking for a self-paced, easy to follow wellness workbook. With this resource you will learn ways to improve your mindfulness practices and physical health with applicable mini-lessons and exercises.

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