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Well, Not Perfect Podcast

A podcast to break open the conversation on mental health.

Our biggest lessons in life come from imperfect moments. That is why “well, not perfect” is an honest yet encouraging phrase often heard inside Audrey Grunst's therapy practice, Simply Bee. Everyday we face messy, difficult and real life problems and striving for growth rather than perfection is the healthiest mindset to have. On this podcast, you will hear experts share their personal and professional experiences that aim to inspire and humble listeners to examine their own mindset through a therapeutic lens that only a mental health expert can offer. Join us and learn how our guests are breaking stigmas, raising awareness, providing support—and overall taking action to make this world a more mental health inclusive place, despite the process being…well, not perfect.
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Recent episodes

🎧 26 min

S3 Episode 15:The Inspiring Story of March Fourth and The Woman Behind It: Meet Kitty Brandtner

🎧 34 min 

S3 Episode 14: Burnout Prevention For Young Athletes W/ Kelly Oberle

🎧 82 min

S3 Episode 13: Letting Go Of Fear, Avoidance & What If's W/ OCD Expert Dr. Patrick McGrath

🎧 60 min

S3 Episode 12: The Truth About Influence, Asking For Help & Saying No W/ Professor Vanessa Bohns

🎧 52 min

S3 Episode 11: Operationalizing Your Growth & Success W/ Nick Lavery

🎧 31 min

S3 Episode 10: Raising Awareness On Men's Mental Health W/ Eric Stevenson
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Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Audrey is a licensed therapist, mental health advocate, speaker, educator, author, wife, and mother. She is the founder and CEO of Simply Bee Counseling, a therapy practice in the Chicagoland area. Over the years, she has combined her skills as a therapist and talent as an entrepreneur to design products and services to help people “simply bee” themselves. 

She combines over 12 years of clinical experience with her business background to help others improve their mental health. She specializes in anxiety, perfectionism, eating disorders and mental performance coaching for athletes and professionals. Audrey presents on a variety of topics including emotional intelligence and anxiety management. She has presented to thousands of people at over 100+ different schools, nonprofits, and conferences.

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