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Growth & Resiliency Model©

About The Growth & Resiliency Model©

The Growth & Resiliency Model© was created and copyrighted in 2021 by Simply Bee CEO Audrey Grunst, LCSW. It is the foundation of the work we do here at Simply Bee. This comprehensive five-step model is designed to fuse theory, skill, and knowledge into people's understanding of their personal growth and emotional development. 

The theory behind this model is that a growth mindset occurs when you are aware of your internal world, can observe it without judgment, know how to respond instead of react, and can integrate all of that information into the external world effectively. The final step is to reflect on the process, celebrate what went well and learn from what didn't. Through the use of this model, we believe you can learn to intuitively overcome life's daily challenges and appreciate them as opportunities for positive change.

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How It Works

This model follows a linear five-step process. Each step builds upon the last to create a holistic and easy to understand path towards growth and resilience.

Become Aware

In order to grow, you must first be aware of what is going on mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are four core pieces of awareness: thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and urges (also know as the Big 4).

Observe Objectively

Observation is the practice of taking a step back and allowing ourselves to experience our awareness without judgment. The purpose of observing is to use mindfulness practices to slow down and remain present.

Respond Responsibly

This step is all about learning how to respond to yourself and your environment rather than react. A responder is someone who is calm and confident in challenging situations. A reactor is someone who is impulsive and out of control.

Integrate Effectively

Integration is the process of taking all you've learned internally and applying it to the world of relationships, communication, and goal-setting. To Integrate Effectively means you act externally in alignment with how you feel internally.

Grow Resilience

To grow is to be able to reflect on your experiences and deeply understand the ways that you were innovative, creative, and resilient in the face of challenges. There is no start or end point to this step because there is no limit to your growth.

Introduction to Simply Bee's Growth & Resiliency Model©


Growth & Resiliency Model© Programs

SEL Programs


We deliver social, emotional & mental health programs and resources grounded in the Growth & Resiliency Model© to students, parents and educators. Our goal is to provide tangible skills that support increased wellness in both academic and personal settings.

Mental Performance Programs


Athletes are constantly working on the physical side of their game. Just as vital to their success and well-being is focusing on the mental side of their game. Simply Bee's mental performance programs utilize the Growth & Resiliency Model© to equip athletes and coaches with a toolbox of skills to become better performers both on and off the field.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs


Simply Bee combines DEI training with the framework of the Growth & Resiliency Model© to create impactful programming available to organizations, professionals, and schools. The goal of these programs is to create environments where every person feels safe and valued as their authentic selves.

Keynote: Growing A Resilient Mind


Simply Bee’s keynote presentation, Growing A Resilient Mind, gives participants an understanding of each step of the Growth & Resiliency Model©. This presentation is the starting point for new audiences across our SEL, DEI and Sports Performance Programs to familiarize them with the theory of the model.

About The Creator

Audrey Grunst, LCSW

With 10+ years of experience as a therapist and speaker, Simply Bee founder & CEO discovered a common thread through her work. Contrary to the common belief in the mental health industry that growth is a cyclical process, Audrey found that it actually is more of a linear process: without first developing self-awareness, growth is impossible! Drawing inspiration from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the Growth & Resiliency Model© is designed to systematize the way that people grow and develop resilience. While growth is never a quick journey, this model is designed to make it both realistic and easy through its step-by-step process. Fusing together theory, personal experience, and the lessons she's learned from her work with individual clients and larger audiences of students and professionals, her model has become the foundation of the way Simply Bee supports its community. 

Growth & Resiliency Model© Resources

Bee You Planner Series

This five part series has one planner dedicated to each step of the Growth & Resiliency Model©. Through a combination of skills, real world stories, and guided journaling, this series gives you the opportunity to master each step in 30 days.

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Learn from our team of expert therapists through guided courses on a variety of mental health topics. Each course is grounded in the Growth & Resiliency Model© and includes training videos, downloadable PDFs to practice your skills, and emails to keep you engaged.

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SEL Curriculum

Utilizing the lessons and skills of each step of the Growth & Resiliency Model©, Simply Bee has created SEL curriculum for students. Complete with a facilitator's key and an interactive student workbook, this curriculum is designed to help students in their mental and emotional development.

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