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Here at Simply Bee we believe that your wellness is holistic. It's not just about mental health, it's about physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, professional, and social health, too! Your wellness in each of these areas is a snapshot in the picture of your overall wellbeing. Becoming aware and taking active care of all of these pieces of yourself is essential in living a healthful and fulfilled life.

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Our Philosophy

In today's fast-paced world, our attention is constantly pulled in many different directions. These distractions take our attention out of the present moment and into the world of the past or the future. We worry about what's to come or we feel guilt, shame, or regret for the mistakes of the past. It is in this habit of past and future thinking that our mental health begins to suffer: anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and chronic stress tend to creep in when we lose our connection to the present.

Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we allow our minds and bodies to exist in the here and now. This is the place where we can find peace, relaxation, and presence—and where we can create positive change and live a purpose driven life. Stephanie Bersh, RYT 200 is a master in helping people create meaningful calm in their lives. She contributes her valuable insights to Simply Bee workshops, presentations, and resources, encouraging people to reconnect with themselves and live an intentional life.

Meet The Expert

Stephanie Bersh, RYT 200 Certified is the resident yoga teacher at Simply Bee. She has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years. Stephanie is Hatha certified with a strong foundation in basic postures for grounding and increased flexibility, gentle yoga for relaxation, and restorative yoga for releasing tension in the mind and body.  She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a certified facilitator for Embody Love Movement (ELM).

In her workshops for adults, young adults, and teens, Stephanie’s teaching style is dedicated to alignment, safety and growth. Stephanie strives to create a welcoming and un-intimidating environment to allow participants to receive the health and relaxation benefits of yoga. Participants are guided to feel safe to travel within, to reconnect with their bodies, and to find strength and courage on and off the mat. She focuses on simple practices such as breathwork, body movement, journaling, and meditation. 

Learn From Our Experts

Center Yourself Meditation

Sometimes the best way thing you can do when you feel overwhelmed and ungrounded is to take a few minutes to reconnect with yourself and the present moment. Listen in to this meditation from Stephanie Bersh to recenter yourself and find peace.


5 Ways To Safely Move Your Body

With all that is going on in the world, it's important to take time to breathe and stretch to ease anxiety and stress. Learn daily movements from Resident Yoga Instructor Stephanie Bersh that will help you tap into peace and release tension in your body.


Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Yoga is a powerful tool for connecting the mind and body. If you're new to yoga and looking for some specific poses that can help boost your mental health (and physical health, too!), be sure to check out this download to get started.


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Our Philosophy

There is a common misconception that 'health' only refers to physical aspects of our lives—such as diet or exercise. Society tells us that to be healthy we must look, eat, and move a certain way. Here at Simply Bee we believe that the goal should not be to be healthy, but rather to be healthful. There is no one size fits all policy when it comes to nutrition and wellness: the way you eat and the way you take care of yourself should work for you as a unique individual. The focus should be on adding all the things that make you feel energized, not on restriction. When we adopt this mindset, we feel more confident and purposeful in our bodies and our minds.

Stephanie Smith utilizes a holistic approach to wellness and is an expert who contributes to our workshops, presentations, and resources alike. Her ideas inspire all audiences to redefine their preconceived notions about health and practice habits that benefit them as a whole person.

Learn From Our Experts


Wellness Wheel Activity & Assessment

Are you well-rounded in your wellness? This activity and assessment is designed to help you explore the many elements that make up your holistic wellness picture. The goal is to help you identify areas of strength and areas that may need adjustments.


Nourish Yourself Customizable E-Book

Health & Nutrition Coach Stephanie Smith created this e-book to help people navigate the complex world of nutrition. Learn about the importance of a nourishing mindset, powerhouse food groups, and how to develop a positive relationship with food.


Getting Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen

Is snack or meal time a battle in your household? This video was created to give you tips and tricks for getting your kids interested in new foods and involved in the kitchen without the hassle. Check it out for tangible advice from expert Stephanie Smith.



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