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5 Steps To Grow A Resilient Mind



About The Book 

“Therapy in between therapy” is how many are describing 5 Steps To Grow A Resilient Mind. Written by experienced therapist Audrey Grunst, LCSW for clients who need a little more support than what traditional once-a-week therapy provides, Audrey put her knowledge on paper to teach anyone how to grow themselves anytime and anywhere.

This book takes an in-depth look at each of the five steps of Audrey's Growth & Resiliency Model©, providing background information, tangible skills, and journaling template pages to practice what you've learned. Personal growth is not a quick process, but this book is designed to make it easy and fun.

What’s inside:

  • Expert advice ― Therapeutic wisdom from an experienced clinician & speaker

  • Coping skills ― A toolbox of tangible skills to apply to your daily life

  • Guided journal templates ― Space to practice what you’ve learned

  • Takeaways ― An appendix & guidelines to come back to

About The Growth & Resiliency Model©

Growth & Resiliency Model© — a comprehensive five-step model designed to fuse theory, skill, and knowledge into people's understanding of their personal growth and emotional development. The five steps (that make up the five sections of this book) are:

  • Become Aware
  • Observe Objectively
  • Respond Responsibly
  • Integrate Effectively
  • Grow Resilience

The theory behind this model is that a growth mindset occurs when you are aware of your internal world, can observe it without judgment, know how to respond instead of react, and can integrate all of that information into the external world effectively. The final step is to reflect on the process, celebrate what went well and learn from what didn't. Through the use of this model, we believe you can learn to intuitively overcome life's daily challenges and appreciate them as opportunities for positive change.


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A personal development book designed to hlep you grow anytime & anywhere.



What People Are Saying...

“I started the book and I'm in awe. It's so good and so helpful...I couldn't put it down.”


This book is just what I needed. I love the explanations, examples & visuals.


"This planner is awesome, I have never seen anything like it! It came at a perfect time in my life.




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