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While mental health is a universal experience, each community of people interacts with it in unique ways. It's important to approach mental health in a way that is tailored to the experiences of a specific community and culture — and that is our goal with our 'Empowered & Educated' workshop!

For middle to early high school aged girls in the Hispanic community, it can be common to experience anxiety stemming from pressures of perfectionism, being the child of a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation family, maintaining healthy boundaries or having a parent with immigrant status.

As someone with lived experience in this community, Jocelyn Machain, LSW is looking forward to facilitating this free workshop open to all 7th-9th grade Hispanic girls. This workshop is designed to support participants in learning strategies for coping with anxiety and perfectionism and how to set healthy boundaries in their relationships. To achieve this, Jocelyn will guide participants through a combination of small and full group discussion & activities — such as a perfectionism worksheet, healthy friendships & boundaries education, and a self care action plan craft. Our goal is to utilize interactive education and discussion to equip participants with tools to empower them to destigmatize mental health in their circle while building awareness of services available to them. 

Workshop Objectives:

🎯 Learn about perfectionistic tendencies and their effect on mental health

🎯 Develop coping skills for managing mental and physical symptoms of anxiety

🎯 Understand the difference between unhealthy & healthy relationships and how to set effective boundaries

Workshop Details: 

  • Who: 7th-10th Grade Hispanic Girls
  • When: February 23rd | 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Where: Simply Bee Office | 175 E Hawthorn Pkwy, Ste 325, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
  • Cost: Free 
  • Please note: This workshop will be facilitated in English

Meet The Facilitator

Jocelyn Machain, LSW

Jocelyn is a Licensed Social Worker who earned her Master's Degree from Dominican University. Jocelyn started her career working for non-profit agencies as a foster care and domestic violence/homelessness case manager. Jocelyn also has experience as a school social worker and has enjoyed working with a variety of students. She is passionate about working with adolescents, children and adults of any age as she values their relationships and individualizes her approach with each person based on their needs/wants. Jocelyn's experience in the field includes working with individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and individuals going through family conflict, trauma, and bullying.

Hear from Jocelyn on her inspiration for running this workshop:

"Being part of a minority group, we experience the world in different ways with pressures from family and ourselves to be a good student or a good daughter. Sometimes, that turns into unhealthy habits like perfectionism or people-pleasing. For me personally, I put a ton of pressure on myself to study because my parents didn’t have the opportunity to have a career. My high school counselor had a major impact on me and helped me get through those tough years of being a teenager, finding myself, and working on my own growth rather just trying to please others. That experience was so impactful to me, and I want to continue the ripple effect and make an impact on the next generation." 

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