More Peace Anyone?

More Peace, Anyone?

By: Stephanie Bersh, Simply Bee Resident Yoga Teacher

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a wellness workshop with our therapist Jacqueline Ritz, LCPC. We created this workshop in response to the overwhelm and stress so many of us are feeling as our lives return back to a busier state post-pandemic.  As a provider for mental health, we understand how much of a toll stress can place on our emotional state and physical bodies. Our goal was to share tools that would help us manage that stress and find more peace to quiet the constant chatter and to-do list in our heads.

As we joined together on the mat, we spoke about the shift back to busy schedules and overly demanding days. We shared our struggles to quiet our minds and the exhaustion felt from overactive thoughts rooted in stress and anxiety. 

Jacqueline started with a breathing technique called Wim Hof that had us move through multiple cycles of deep breathing and a long hold at the end of the breath cycle.  We all felt more relaxed and peaceful afterward, our minds suddenly quieter.  We took the same approach as we shifted into yoga.  Through a gentle yoga practice, we learned tools, such as a body scan and ending with a deep savasana and sound vibration to stay dropped into our body. We also utilized mantra meditation to stay connected to our breath as we transitioned between each pose. 

Afterwards as everyone moved back into a seat, the energy in the room was transformed. Everyone had shifted from a state of stress to a place of relaxation. The most powerful part of this workshop was learning how to easily integrate this breathing technique and yoga practice into a daily routine to shift from moments of overwhelm into peace.


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