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Are you curious about our practice? We LOVE talking about mental wellness through a variety of ways. Some workshops are created by us because it's a need in the community. Some are created by our expert therapists who develop workshops 4x/year based on what feels important and relevant to them. Here at Simply Bee, even our staff get to bee who they are! This is why you'll see a variety of events across the spectrum.

Other events in our news page include partnerships with other organizations who share our passion and understand the power of linking arms to serve many. We are always eager to speak at public events and break the stigma and shame of talking about mental health whether that be for schools, corporate wellness or non-for-profits. We are here to change the culture and shed light on what is no longer dark - mental wellness is for everyone. 

If you would like book Simply Bee for a speaking engagement, workshop or group yoga session for your business/school, please contact Kate Kelley at [email protected]