Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

entrepeneur Jun 30, 2019

Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

By: Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Really, there is no difference between growing a baby and growing a business. Like motherhood, I had no control over timing, pace or creation. What I was growing had a mind of its own. I had no idea what was happening inside of me and each month as it grew, I was thrilled. In that time, I was growing ideas and dreaming of possibilities. I was full of excitement and worry, fear, promise and doubt.

Today I celebrate the conception of Simply Bee, an idea that grew within me one year ago today. Little did I know then, how quickly it would be born and the wonderful people it would bring together.

One year ago at the Himalayan Institute, I found clarity and direction at a yoga retreat that allowed me to have a silent mind and listen to a heart that needed to speak.

I discovered how simple it was to “just bee me” with no fear, shame, judgement or static noise from the outside world.

Here is where I began to nurture baby bee.

Like motherhood, I had no control over timing, pace or creation. What I was growing had a mind of its own. Since then, I have experienced a maternal connection and ‘felt sense’ to Simply Bee, just like being a mother to my own children, I know its growth opportunities and special talents. motherhood, each time I have braced myself for the ride...the unknown. motherhood I’ve felt the fear and leaned in. motherhood I worried about failing and clung deeper to my vocation. motherhood I have felt regret and looked forward. motherhood I have grown light years because I am afraid AND I am fearless everyday. motherhood I trust myself, I trust my vision, I trust my gut, I trust my family. I trust my team. motherhood I surround myself by “can doers” not “nay sayers.”

Now, just like a one year old toddler, Simply Bee standing on its own two feet ready to take on the world without fear, one year wiser and too young to know how to fail. my own children I fantasize about Simply Bee's next year of life. If I had to guess, I think it'll be the goal to master the stairs. Just like a fearless toddler, Simply Bee will climb one at a time and with each step, a new sense of confidence. Because in my heart of hearts, I know that Simply Bee was born a fighter that is meant to change the world.

So...To my future visionary. It maybe a business, it maybe a project or career change, it maybe a recommitment to yourself to spend more time on you and less time on others. Whatever it is trust yourself and go inward.

Here you will figure out who you are and what you need to grow a business.

Whatever it is, trust that with enough quiet reflection, your needs, your truth, and your barriers will surface and from there you can tackle each one with fierceness and passion.

“But remember this, barriers are the enemy of your goals. ” 

#1 TIP

Treat your barriers like goals. You will create a “whatever it takes attitude” and thrive on energy, for now you will see limitless opportunity.

#2 TIP
Do not fear the fear, it is a part of the adventure. Fear and adventure are biggest thrills of life and they remind us that we are alive.

Fear will always be there.


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