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I Do Hard Things, You Can Too...

Inspiring and empowering women to take control of their life. 

What Makes Me An Expert In Doing Hard Things? 

I quit my successful career and went on my own to build a business that suited my family values and financial goals. I faced the storm of entrepreneurship head on and now I help other women do it too. Hear more about how I did that here.

How Did I Do It?

I applied for a credit card, gave myself 6 months to turn profit and immediately began paying myself first. The thing about hard things is that you either do it with gusto or you sit out of the race. There is no in between. 

Why Do I Help Others Do The Same Thing?

I understand that no one lands on my couch unless they are seeking mentorship to learn how to do the hard thing. I combine my expertise as a licensed therapist, entrepreneur, female warrior, and business coach to deliver high impact, transformative courses and masterminds. Like me, you can learn to work smarter not harder. To discover how, join Goal Smashers.

Goal Smashers


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"Helping busy women smash their personal goals in 30 days so they can stop feeling pulled in a million directions."

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Coming Fall 2020! !

Women's Power Program

I help women stop apologizing so they can find strength to face hard things.

Women are born buffalos...

A buffalo in a magnificent beast who beholds a spirit of wisdom, resilience and courage. Known for their intuitive sense to face the storm and head into the wind, they take control and never turn away from hard things. As a result, buffalos experience hardship for shorter durations of time and live a plentiful life most days.

It is no wonder that buffalos are honored as an earth sign and behold inner wisdom and outer confidence that no one dares to mess with.


Social narratives wash away a women's power when they listen to other people's opinions and are taught to be agreeable, small and easy-going. Women begin to compare themselves to others and adjust their thoughts, feelings and actions to be well-liked and accepted for who others want them to be, not who they actually are. 

How do we return to the buffalo? 

Women first need to wash out old narratives that mucked up their thoughts, feelings and actions .Then women need to feel inspired to change, learn how to grow their resilience, and seek support to be courageous.  

What does the WPP offer? 

Words Of Wisdom To Inspire
Skills To Increase Resiliency
Support To Be Courageous 

Are you right for WPP? 

1. Are you ready to stop asking for permission and seeking approval from others?

2. Do you want to move freely in your life without caring about other people's opinion.

3. Are you willing to think, feel and act like a buffalo?

When will WPP launch?

WPP will launch fall of 2020 but you can prepare yourself by participating the Goal Smashers Workshop. If that's not enough, be inspired by Audrey at Audrey Off The Cuff. 

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