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Creating Future Leaders

entrepenur Jun 30, 2019

In July I had the pleasure to work with a Lead in Lake Forest, IL. Together we designed a one of a kind opportunity to 17-21 year olds who had a special interest in becoming a future leader. It was truly a privilege to witness their growth.

#Reclaim brought together a community of local people to learn about emotional intelligence in a hands on, four-part, four day experience.

First and foremost, we focused inward.

We dove deep into the key lessons in Daniel Goleman's book Primal Leadership, Learning To Lead With Emotional Intelligence and Switch How To Make Change When Change Is Hard. Some of the world's brightest minds on leadership and emotional intelligence joined in, pairing up to have intimate, real conversations where we learned exactly what it takes to be a strong leader in your own life and how to grow into the leader that others need. Our speakers inspired us to think outside of the box and never forget that passion and purpose will always lead us to our true purpose in...

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