An Open Letter From An Educator To An Educator

Sep 29, 2021

An Open Letter From An Educator To An Educator

By: Stephanie Smith

What we are experiencing is hard. Regardless of what your iteration of pandemic teaching has looked like, I know it’s been challenging personally and professionally. I know you’re worried about your students, their progress, and their social-emotional well-being. I know you’re trying somehow to embrace a new normal. 

I know you’re tired. I am, too. 

I get that we can’t pour from empty cups, but for just a moment, can we pause? 

Self-care cannot be something to check off the list. Self-care is not one-size-fits-all. 

Self-care is not an initiative. 

Cultural shifts that value teacher mental and physical wellness take time to fully impact the system. Incredibly, the conversation is starting. It’s helpful that many see our value in a new light and want us to be well. 

But, a slow shift is not enough right now, and we’re third-year...

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