Mental And Physical Wellness Post Partum: Hear From The Experts

Hosted by Audrey Grunst, MSW and Rachel Miller, PT, DPT

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The two things you should do immediately postpartum. 


What to do and what to avoid after being cleared for exercise.


Common physical and mental health postpartum issues.

Simply Bee + The Pilates PT

Let Us Help You Navigate The Postpartum Experience

When we think of motherhood there are so many beautiful moments - from the first time you feel your baby kick in the womb to the first time they wrap their precious fingers around yours to that first send off to Kindergarten and beyond. There is so much excitement and anticipation that happens in those nine months of pregnancy. Then once your bundle of joy arrives it's truly a miracle that your body instinctively knows how to do so many things!

But not everything comes so naturally. It is totally normal to have questions as you navigate both the mental and physical effects of everything from pregnancy to birth to your post partum motherhood experience. Motherhood can sometimes feel so isolating and then other times we're able to find solace in community of other mamas who share wisdom.


Whether you've had a baby in the past two years or are a soon-to-be new mama you may find yourself with questions. Audrey Grunst, MSW & Rachel Miller, PT, DPT (and fellow mamas) partnered together to provide you answers to some of your deepest questions about self-care, safely returning to exercise, how to know if you need to ask for help and more!

Meet The Experts

Audrey Grunst, MSW, CCM

Audrey Grunst is the owner and therapist at Simply Bee. Audrey earned her MSW at Loyola University Chicago in 2011 and is certified in Change Management from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Audrey combines over 10 years of clinical experience with her business background to help others improve mental health including anxiety, perfectionism and performance. She is the owner of SHEBE, online community for female athletes and was the mental performance coach for the Northwestern Women’s Volleyball Program. Audrey was also a Division I volleyball player at Loyola University Chicago.
She presents on a variety of issues including emotional intelligence and anxiety management. Audrey has presented at over 100 different schools, nonprofits, and conferences.
Audrey has extensive training in skill based therapy including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Family-based Therapy for Anorexia, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Rachel Miller, PT, DPT

Dr. Rachel Miller is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified Pilates instructor, and founder of The Pilates PT.  She graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University and then earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 2004.   She is passionate about educating and is a professional mentor, certified Clinical Instructor, and has developed and taught anatomy courses.  Educating her patients and helping clients to understand their own bodies is very important to her.   She has successfully treated many patients who have failed to respond to other treatments.

Dr. Rachel's dance background and love for fitness led her to Pilates.  She became certified in mat and standing Pilates through Physical Mind Institute in 2008 and has been teaching group mat classes ever since.  She continued her Pilates training by earning a comprehensive certification through Balanced Body.  She also enjoys spending time with her family, staying active, and promoting wellness.  She teaches mat Pilates classes at Heather's Gym in Libertyville, and regularly teaches classes and workshops in the community.

After becoming a Mom, she realized the lack of postpartum education and the need for better care for new (and not so new) moms.  Her continuing education has focused on manual therapy of the pelvis and spine, Diastasis Recti, and pelvic floor Physical Therapy.  She enjoys looking at the body holistically and combining Pilates with Physical Therapy to achieve long lasting results.

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