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We deliver social, emotional, mental and health services to students and educators to promote wellness in the academic and professional setting. 

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Professional Development Workshops & Presentations

Overcome Overwhelm: 5 Steps to Building Your Toolbox

A virtual presentation for educators

If your school has made the difficult decision to return to in-person learning this fall, we understand the variety of emotions and the feeling of overall overwhelm that may have brought up for your staff. We want to support educators as they navigate this time and work to build their internal "toolbox" of techniques to support their own emotional well-being, as well as the SEL needs of their students, parents, co-workers.



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Committing To Wellness: How to Feel Motivated & Stay Consistent In Your Wellness Routine 

A virtual presentation for educators

In this train-the-trainer style presentation, our team will guide your staff on the basics of identifying anxiety and why mindfulness is a useful tool to regulate emotions. We will then teach how to model the techniques and provide tips for successful implementation in the classroom.




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Facing Forward: Infusing Hope For Educators During Difficult Times

A virtual presentation for educators

We understand that one of the many challenges this school year for educators has been the unique sense of loss of 'normalcy'. By utilizing a workshop model to support educators in identifying their individual response to stress, we take a holistic approach on how to overcome difficult times with acceptance, growth and hope. Our goal is to normalize the ambiguous grief educators are feeling and help them shift their narrative to acceptance and resiliency.
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Simply Bee has visited our elementary school the last two years. This year we expanded the program to include students, teachers, and parents. The feedback has been nothing but positive from all involved. Audrey and her staff are extremely knowledgable, approachable, and relatable. They offer a very well-balanced approach to the social-emotional learning process. We can’t wait for them to come again next year.

Christy Hunter, Principal at Hawthorn Elementary South

I found your presentation [Overcome Overwhelm] to be amazing,
it was jam-packed full of GREAT information, so thank you!

Heather P. Occupational Therapist

Audrey and her team at Simply Bee have been one of our most trusted partners and allies over the past few years. Their blend of strong content, relatability and forward-thinking technology allows them to connect with students and families in a way that many can’t. Our community and schools are better because of their work. To check out LEAD's work, click here.

Andy Duran, CEO at LEAD
Member of the Board of Education in District 65

Audrey was able to present a telehealth workshop [Connecting Through The Screen] to our staff as our school navigated through some uncharted territory during the COVID pandemic. It was packed with a ton of great ideas and practices that I feel our staff can benefit from, not only for their own health and wellness but also the health and wellness of our students. From beginning to end, they were easy to work with and we look forward to working with them in the future!

Josie D. School Social Worker

E-Workbook For Educators

Over 50+ pages of content!

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4x4 Wellness Program For Educators 

An Online Training Program

Most educators have one thing in common: a deep desire to take care of their students and their own family members.  Fulfilling this desire, however, frequently prevents the educator from meeting their personal physical, mental health and wellness goals. 

What We Solve

Finding motivation and inspiration in life can be hard to achieve. For many educators finding time, energy, positivity and practicing self-care seems even more out of reach due to the demands on their plates. We've talked with teachers about their "bad days" and most admit that on those days they feel stressed, overwhelmed with tasks, isolated, tired, sluggish, useless and anxious. They feel as if their buttons are constantly being pushed, they're overreacting, highly irritable and have no energy left for their personal life.

Our team of experts understands these pain points and will work with you through our 4x4 Wellness Model for Educators to help you discover how you can make changes to positively impact your personal and professional life. 

What We Achieve

Think about the "good days" you have as an educator. How do you feel during or after a good day? Maybe you feel clear-minded, present, aligned with your values, motivated, patient, energized, productive and proud of how you're making a difference. These "good day" feelings are your deep desires as an educator and as a person. Once we identify and work to solve your pain point issues, you are better able to achieve these deep desires. 

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Our 4 'Set' Approach

Each set includes 4 mini-lessons & applications


*Control Your Time*

Mental skills are the foundation to success, which includes managing time to feel like there is enough time in a day to "get it all done" and have gas left in the tank for spiritual, physical and emotional health. Our day is filled from morning to night. Between lesson planning, teaching, grading school work and taking care of your personal to-dos, it's hard to imagine you have any "hidden" hours in your day. But you do! And we can help you find them.

Physical Health

*Sustain Your Energy*

Physical health is important to sustain energy through food exercise. Mood and emotions impact the way you make decisions about food. We approach nutrition and exercise from a mental wellness viewpoint. So when those "bad days" pop up more frequently than the good days and you're feeling tired and unmotivated, you have the tools to help you not spiral out of control.  

Spiritual Practice

*Improve Your Self Care*

Spiritual health to connect to the purpose of educators work and more. Once you're able to identify extra hours in your day to focus on your overall health and nutrition, it's important to continually care for yourself. Mindfulness and movement are two of the best ways to practice self-care. You don't have to be an expert yogi to feel the positive effects of gentle movement, breathing and deep relaxation techniques. 

Emotional Growth

*Boost Your Mood*

Emotional health emphasizes the importance of educators' experiences and how they feel about themselves, their students and environment. Restoring a positive outlook on day to day activities boosts mood and improve the interactions between educators and their students. 
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Meet The Team

Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Owner, Adolescent & Adult Therapist and Mental Performance Coach

Stephanie Smith, M.A., M.Ed., IIN Certified 

Resident Health & Nutrition Coach

Stephanie Bersh

Resident Yoga Instructor

Kate Kelley, MSW

Manager of Community Education

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