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Interactive Wellness E-Workbook For Educators


Most educators have one thing in common: a deep desire to take care of
their students and their own family members. Fulfilling this desire,
however, frequently prevents you from meeting your personal physical,
mental health and wellness goals. Here at Simply Bee, we know that
bees help their hives become successful through individual work for the
greater good. The same idea applies to you as an educator.

If you work hard to take care of yourself first, it directly impacts your hive
(e.g. your classroom and your family). The same is true on the flip side,
though. If you don't take care of yourself, your hive suffers. Our 4x4
Wellness Model for Educators will help you discover hidden hours in your
day, sustain your energy through food and exercise, shift to positivity and
care for yourself through mindfulness and yoga.

Get ready to focus on yourself through our workbook filled with mini-
lessons on Mindset, Healthset, Soulset and Heartset.

Inside you'll find:

Personalized letters from our experts

Key targets in each 'set' to become inspired and prepared for change

Four mini-lessons per ‘set’

Application and worksheets in each mini-lesson
… and *bonus worksheets!

Look for myself and team members in your inbox immediately after you purchase! 

Audrey Grunst, LCSW

Owner of Simply Bee and Simply Bee Classroom