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That's okay personal development is all about me, I've been there ;)

I will be honest, personal development sounds like a hoaxy online gimmick that only lost people seek. Well, that's what I thought when I first went to a personal development conference. I went to satisfy my curiousity must mostly it was to affirm my jidgement about the whole dynamic of personal development thing. I could not have been more wrong.

As a therapist and expert in the filed of anxiety, performance, and perfectionism I thought I had the training and education to challenge any personal development work that crossed my path. Sometimes us licensed professionals over assume that our initials behind our name gives us the holy water to oint only the "acceptable' bodies of work.  I could not have been more wrong.

If you are like me (and you're here so I can only assume yes) then you are looking for something more. Maybe you've tried therapy, yoga or a book club but nothing is working because you don't feel better. You are someone who's read self-help books or downloaded food tracking apps and track your steps but still...nothing is hitting the mark. You are like me and expect to find a magic pill. We could not have been more wrong.

Hey! Here's an idea...maybe you and I were looking in all of the wrong places. Instead of looking for an outward quick-fix, it's time to look inward and do the harder internal work? We could not be more right.

"If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place because my 30-day workshop gives you the tools to dive deep into your 'why' and develop goals that are unique to you. From there you will device an action plan to achieve your goals and learn a whole heck-of-a lot about yourself along the way!" -Audrey

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